1. Signs That It’s Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

    It can be easy to put off a kitchen remodel for years. After all, your kitchen is a central space in your home. You use it everyday and you need access to it. The last thing you want is an invasive construction crew hammering away at 7 a.m. and sawdust lining your bread basket. There are certain sig…Read More

  2. Very First Steps in Building a Custom Home

    Starting the process of building a custom home can be exciting, overwhelming, and even frustrating. But when you know what the steps are and you have a reliable team of home builders working for you, the process can mostly be exciting! The initial steps may be somewhat unnerving — choosing a build…Read More

  3. What to Consider Before a Bathroom Renovation

    A bathroom renovation is a big project that can have a big impact on the rest of your home. So it’s not something that you should enter into without putting a lot of thought into first. You might have an overall idea of what you want, but actually putting everything together can be a bit more tric…Read More

  4. What to Know About Adding a Deck

    When you own a home by the ocean, whether it’s Stone Harbor, Cape May, or Avalon, you want to be able to get outside as much as possible. And when the weather gets cold, you also want to enjoy a beautiful inside living space that looks out onto the water. This can be made possible with a deck or p…Read More

  5. Complete a Kitchen Remodel That Represents Your Family

    You’re maybe tiring of the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” but even though it's use can make us roll our eyes, it’s still incredibly true for many families. We enter a home and immediately head for the kitchen to offer guests a drink, to find a snack after school, or to create…Read More

  6. 6 Questions to Ask a Potential Home Builder

    Making the decision to build a custom home is a big one and it takes a lot of research, patience, and knowing the right people. Hiring a contractor to build the home of your dreams is about knowing the right questions to ask that will ensure they have the right certifications, experience, and contac…Read More

  7. Welcome to our Home Builder’s Blog!

    If you’ve ever wanted to build the home of your dreams, you know you need a knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced home builder who you can be confident in to give you the luxury home you want. From the foundation to the last shingle put on the roof to the kitchen cabinets inside, Seashore Home …Read More