Signs That It’s Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Signs That It’s Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

It can be easy to put off a kitchen remodel for years. After all, your kitchen is a central space in your home. You use it everyday and you need access to it. The last thing you want is an invasive construction crew hammering away at 7 a.m. and sawdust lining your bread basket.

There are certain signs, however, that suggest you need a kitchen remodel. Since you’ve dealt with your kitchen for so long, you’ve become accustomed to how old and ineffective it is. As a result, you don’t necessarily see the potential of what it could and should be.

You probably know deep-down that you need a kitchen remodel, so we hope this list will serve as the catalyst you need to finally take action to build the kitchen of your dreams.


1. You hate cooking in your kitchen

You might not love cooking in general, but absolutely detesting cooking in your kitchen signals that you need a kitchen renovation. When kitchens are outdated or poorly designed, it makes cooking much more difficult.

Perhaps you avoid cooking because your dishwasher is too small or outdated, so the dishes inevitably pile up in your sink. Maybe your sink is too small, so you end up just ordering take-out to avoid the never-ending pile of plates.

Maybe you have an electric stovetop that cooks unevenly, so even a dish you could make with your eyes closed comes out tasting like, well, you made it with your eyes closed.

It could also be a lack of space when you cook. If you have one cutting board out, your entire counter space might be taken up. You end up trying to prepare raw meat and diced vegetables on the same surface, or you opt for crock pot meals.

When you resent cooking or find yourself making any excuse to avoid preparing a meal, it’s time to get a home remodel underway.

2. You have most of your pans in storage

Aside from a poor layout, a lack of storage is one of the biggest issues that older kitchens face. There’s no excuse to have to store away pans — a well-designed, renovated kitchen makes excellent use of space so that everything not only fits, but also fits intuitively.

Take kick-out drawers, for example. You know that awkward space between your floor and the start of your cabinets? A kitchen renovation can repurpose that void by installing kick-out drawers. You can store flatter items like baking sheets and placements or use it them to house items you don’t use all the time. Plus, the kick-out feature means you don’t have to bend down to open the drawers — you can simply give them a nudge and they’ll roll out.

Imagine a kitchen free of clutter, where everything has a logical and designated space. This is the beauty of a home renovation.

3. Your utility bill is inexplicably high

Is your utility bill always a few hundred dollars more per month that you expect? Do your neighbors in a similar home with a similar lifestyle always have a lower rate?

Old appliances in your kitchen are probably the culprit. Not only do older appliances make more noise and work ineffectively, but they are also incredibly inefficient.

Initially, your kitchen renovation might be an investment. However, given the money you will save on utilities (and the money you’ll save cooking instead of eating out), it is a fiscally smart long-term investment.

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