What to Consider Before a Bathroom Renovation

What to Consider Before a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a big project that can have a big impact on the rest of your home. So it’s not something that you should enter into without putting a lot of thought into first. You might have an overall idea of what you want, but actually putting everything together can be a bit more tricky. For example, it can be especially tricky if your New Jersey home has an older style and you want a modern bathroom. But that’s why Seashore Home Builders is here. We can help you design a bathroom that will fit beautifully with the rest of your home. Read some tips from our home renovation experts.


It’s really not advisable to start anything before understanding what your budget is and what the scope of the home renovation project will include. If you want to replace the floor with updated tile, refinish the shower, add an extra sink, add new cabinets and countertops, and you want top of the line products all around, it will add up quickly.


Understand Dimensions

Our home renovation specialists will help you out a lot with planning the layout of the space, but having a basic understanding of dimensions yourself will make the process smoother. Here are some basic measurements.

  • Tubs: Standard tubs are around 60 inches long and 30-32 inches wide. Depth can run between 14 and 20 inches.
  • Toilets: For most people, you’ll want between a 32 and 36-inch width toilet.
  • Single Sink: You can get away with 30 inches of width, but 36-48 will make the space more comfortable.
  • Double Sinks: What many homeowners will want, double sinks typically need about 72 inches of total space to fit comfortably.

Consider the Sink and Tub Size

If you have a smaller space, the sink and tub size are areas in which you can choose smaller products to make the space feel larger. If you really want a bathtub, there are certain styles that may not give you the length you want, but you’ll definitely have the height where you can really soak.

A Corner sink is another option if you want to maximize space. If your shower or bathroom door swing in a certain direction, a corner sink might be just the compromise.

Think About Lighting

Something that many design novices will leave until the end, lighting actually is an important factor in a bathroom, when they tend to not have any windows. Think about lighting from the very beginning and work it into the design. Consider incorporating layers, adding lights around the mirrors, recessed lights in the ceiling or even accent lights around the tub.

Find the Right Vanity

Find the Right Vanity

Like the sink and tub, the vanity is about choosing a design that is the right size, not just looks. Going too big could get in the way of the room’s natural flow. Choose one that is too small and you’ll be scrambling to find enough storage. Don’t forget about the material, though. The wrong material could cause some maintenance issues down the road.

Think About the Tile Size

The tile size you choose can have a big part in how big or small the space looks and feels. If you have a smaller space, use larger tiles. But also be sure to double check the size. Many tiles are sold in European sizes, which will be in millimeters and not inches. Your 12-inch tile could actually be 11 ⅜ , which could make things difficult with your layout and plumbing.


Don’t Forget About Ventilation

Finding mold in your new bathroom is the last thing you want. So be sure to thoroughly plan your ventilation. Select a fan that will vent outside instead of the attic and if possible, incorporate a window that can be opened and closed.

Working with a home renovation company will make all the difference when you want a beautifully finished bathroom. The design experts at Seashore Home Builders will make sure you get the bathroom of your dreams when the project is completed.

We start with an initial consultation where we can go over your design style and we’ll develop a plan specifically for you. You can be confident that you’re getting the best craftsmanship in New Jersey. Learn more about our kitchen and bath home renovations and give us a call today.