Welcome to our Home Builder’s Blog!

If you’ve ever wanted to build the home of your dreams, you know you need a knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced home builder who you can be confident in to give you the luxury home you want. From the foundation to the last shingle put on the roof to the kitchen cabinets inside, Seashore Home Builders is able to provide you with exceptional detail and solid construction. Located in Stone Harbor, NJ, we also serve the surrounding areas of Avalon and Cape May. Your dream beach house can be made into a reality sooner than you ever imagined.


What We Can Build For You

Custom Homes

The New Jersey Shore is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach with luxury homes along the coast. Now you can have your first custom home or vacation home in this sunny spot. From the very first meeting we want to ensure that all of the items on your want list can be checked off. We want to bring the most innovative technology, beautiful craftsmanship, and more to your home.

If you aren’t sure how you would like your home to be designed, we have designers who can’t wait to help you get started translating your style into details in the home itself. From the design of the actual house to the interior design of the bathrooms and kitchen, we want your home to represent your personality and style that is unique to you.

When you work with Seashore Home Builders, you can be sure that you are getting the most experience in the new construction home industry. Our team and owners, Ron Frame and Ron Frame Jr., have been working building luxury homes for over 75 years and we love creating new and beautiful homes for families like yours. With our customer service, personal design, and smooth building process, you will be unpacking your boxes and deciding where to put your furniture in no time.


Renovations and Additions

Do you already have a beachfront home on the Jersey shore, but it isn’t quite your dream home? Seashore Home Builders can help you there too. Home renovation with us is made easy, including bathroom and kitchen remodels and home additions. If the house hasn’t been renovated in a few years and the kitchen is becoming outdated, or if you just want a change, we can provide a seamless transition between the current rooms and the renovated spaces. You can finally get the open layout in the kitchen or the double sink in the bathroom that will make your life easier and more stylish.

If you need more than a renovation, consider doing a full addition, including in-law suites, a new deck, or a second floor to increase your sunrise watching pleasure. Turn a historic home with vintage charm into a modern home with personal design touches that will truly make it yours.

Get in touch with Seashore Home Builders today to learn what we can do for you. If you’re looking to spend more time at the beach, away from the stress and hectic work schedules during the week, our home builders can design a comfortable and inviting home for you and your family to escape to. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our contractors.