When you own a home by the ocean, whether it’s Stone Harbor, Cape May, or Avalon, you want to be able to get outside as much as possible. And when the weather gets cold, you also want to enjoy a beautiful inside living space that looks out onto the water. This can be made possible with a deck or patio that is created to give your home a cohesive layout and design. When considering a home renovation, there’s a chance that any addition will look like it doesn’t belong to the rest of the house. But before you start researching your options, here are some things Seashore Home Builders want you to know.

Home Renovation Stone Harbor

Deck or Patio?

The first thing you’ll want to consider is whether you want to add a deck or a patio, or a combination of both. A deck, which is commonly made of boards, is a platform that sits above the ground. Decks are common when homes have a basement or are next to a hill. A patio is built on a level surface on the ground. While a patio can be made on a sloped surface, building a retaining wall makes the home renovation costly and more difficult. Some homeowners will choose to have a deck built which includes steps onto a patio.

Home Renovation Stone Harbor

What is the Deck’s Function?

Home renovations should be functional and beautiful, right? So, the design of the deck or patio should represent what use you want to get out of the structure. Are you planning on having large parties? Then be sure to incorporate a large space with seating built in, as well as large doors so guests can wander in and out easily. Do you want a hot tub? Do you want a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or a space for an entertainment system? Do you want it to be private? If so, consider creating an arbor, pergola, or latticework to give the area privacy from neighbors. How you see yourself using the space can dictate a lot of how the design is planned.

How Will You Access the Deck?

Incorporating the deck into the existing design of your home will ensure that the transition is smooth and natural. If you are starting from scratch and completing a home renovation that requires a door to be created, this gives you the freedom to design an entryway, but it does increase costs. Remodeling contractors will need to determine if the wall being removed is a load bearing wall and what supports need to be added to give your home the stability it needs. On the other hand, if a door is already there, all that needs to be done is build the deck.

Ideally, the deck should be located as close as possible to a kitchen or dining room. This will allow you to run back inside to get another plate of food without any trouble. Our job at Seashore Home Builders is to design a home renovation plan that brings together the inside space and outside deck together seamlessly. We can play with a variety of materials that will give you exactly what you’re imagining.

Home Renovation Stone HarborThink Materials

Decks are often made of composite boards, but real wood is also a popular choice. There are downsides and positives to both materials, so consult with your home renovation specialist about which is best for your home and budget. Composite boards may have a stereotype for being cheap, but with new technology, they are surprisingly durable and sturdy. Wood decks are a beautiful alternative but do require maintenance and conditioning.

Other Considerations

  • Shade: Spending a lot of time outside, especially during the summer months, you will need some sort of protection from the sun. This can either take the form of large umbrellas or a gazebo.
  • Lighting: Adding a lighting design to the plan will give you an opportunity to create a space that is welcoming and has a warm feeling.

With Seashore Home Builders, you can expect to complete a home renovation that will add beauty and value to your home. The Stone Harbor area is a wonderful place for an ocean home with a deck facing the water where you can watch the sunrise each morning. If you want to build the home of your dreams, consult with a professional contractor and designer who can make it happen. From the very beginning of the process, we will make sure that everything is made with craftsmanship.