Making the decision to build a custom home is a big one and it takes a lot of research, patience, and knowing the right people. Hiring a contractor to build the home of your dreams is about knowing the right questions to ask that will ensure they have the right certifications, experience, and contacts that will create a home with beautiful details and exceptional craftsmanship. Before you sign a contract with a home builder in Stone Harbor, make sure you ask them and yourself these questions. With Seashore Home Builders, you can be confident our team is made up of the best.

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Do You Like the Work?

It might not be an obvious question to ask yourself, but it’s one of the most important. When you’re building in Stone Harbor, Cape May, Longport, or Long Beach Island, the home should fit the scene, right? Don’t choose a home builder that designs and builds colonial homes when you want a beach house. Look at the details of the homes as well. While many things can be specified to your taste and style, if you see an overall theme in their work that you don’t like, you might find a better fit with another building contractor.

Do They Use Subcontractors?

Many home builders will have a team of architects and designers, but then hire out subcontractors to do the actual building, plumbing, and other essentials. While they may save you money, it leaves various aspects of your home in other company’s hands. When you want to know exactly who will be building your home, ask if they use subcontractors or if they do the majority of the work themselves. Seashore Home Builders is proud to say that we do not use subcontractors except for mechanical work. The bones of your home will be completed by our own team of experts.

Home Builders Stone HarborWhat is Their Reputation?

Just like finding a dentist, landscaper, or mechanic, you want to know what other people’s experience was with them. Because home building, additions, and remodels can be such a life-changing and time-consuming task, it’s important to take your time getting to know any potential contractors. Not only should you read reviews from past customers, sit down and have a conversation with them, ask them these questions, and ask if they have any references so you can ask past customers specifically why they were satisfied or not with the job.

Licensed and Insured?

One of the more obvious questions to ask, but nonetheless important. A home builder who has the required licenses and insurance will be able to show the appropriate documents to you. This will ensure that in the event of an accident, the company, property, employees, and yourself will be covered by insurance. Ask this question for your safety and peace of mind while the home is being built.

Home Builders Stone HarborWhat’s Included in the Price?

During the process of creating a quote, it’s important that everyone be as specific as possible about the pricing. Many contractors will provide a drawing of the home, but go a step further and have an engineer make sure the calculations are correct to ensure that the structure will be sound. Even more specific, if the quote includes a bathroom, ask how the hardware, faucets, and tiles will be chosen and how the cost of these materials will factor into the final price. Nailing down these specifics can help to avoid uncertainties later on.

How Do They Communicate?

Communication throughout the entire process will ensure that all of the details are correct and the final home is exactly what you had pictured in the beginning. Keep in mind that communication goes both ways. If you have any questions or concerns at any point, what is the best and most efficient way of getting in contact with them? On the other hand, if they need to confirm anything or ask questions, let them know how you would like to be contacted.

When looking into home builders in Stone Harbor, choosing the right contractor should not be taken lightly. Building a custom home can be a long and expensive process and in the end, it’s your money. With Seashore Home Builders, you can be confident knowing that we are experienced, reliable, and can offer you customer service that goes above and beyond. Get in touch today for a free consultation.